What is the use of smart watches?

Smart watches are more of an extension of mobile phone functions. At present, most Android and Apple smart watches can run independently from mobile phones. In addition to the time function, they can realize functions such as step counting, music, and call; if it is a children’s phone watch, most of them can realize two-way Calls, child-safe positioning, emergency calls, health-related step counting and waterproof functions are more designed for child-safe calls. So, what are the functions of smart watches? I will introduce it to everyone below.

Smart watches have very rich functions. First of all, it has an all-weather health tracking function. In addition to the heart rate, steps, sleep and other functions of conventional smart watches, it can also monitor human blood pressure and blood oxygen index. Using numbers to quantify my health is simple and easy to understand. There is also a menstrual cycle tracking function, which is particularly friendly to girls. You can receive reminders before your menstrual period to prepare in advance to avoid embarrassment.

Secondly, it is also a sports watch that supports a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, such as running, aerobics, strength training, elliptical machines, rock climbing machines, yoga, swimming and more than 20 sports records.

This smart watch makes me feel the most humane, is that it can help me in many details of life. Smart notifications let me avoid missing messages, reminders sedentary, drink plenty of water to remind me always pay attention to the body …… sometimes go out to buy things forget to bring mobile phones, smart watches payment function can be completed payment line, can be very convenient.

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